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Can you survive a creepypasta?

You are being stalked by something unknown.... can you survive the night?


you hear a thud outside of your door. What do you do?



You see a man with burnt eyelids, and a cut open smile on his face. What do you do?



You run out in the woods, filming untill you see a man in a tuxedo, with no face, just white replacing it, and is very tall. Your camera goes to static.How do you react?



You pick up a weird game off the street. You find mysterious blood and gore in the game, in a kids game, and the thing attacks you. What do you do?



you listen to the lavender town theme for the beta, and you start to feel strange. What shall you do?



You get grabbed, and pulled by the man with the slit mouth and the black eyelids, there is a gun by your head, next to a cell phone. What do you do?



Slenderman is on your tail, and you are encountering this kid type figure with a baby doll type mask. What do you do when this kid lunges at you?



You see this weird video, with the file name.avi at the end, in which you found off the street. It says your name in the video, threatening to end your life. What do you do?



You find a "Lost Episode" Of your favorite show, you plop it into your pc, and witness blood coming out of the screen, with an evil grin in the video. what do you do?



You find a copy of "Majora's Mask" In a garage sale, you buy it, and you get attacked by this boy named ben, which is in the game, which got drowned by his father? What do you do?


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