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order 66 survival

when you do this quiz you will find out wether you can survive order 66


You are in bed asleep and your apprentice ahsoka comes running in shouting the separatists are attacking get outta bed we need your help! what do you?



Once your outta bed you ashoka and the other jedi discover that the clones are only pretending to help they are actually working for the sith. what should you do?



your helping the clones and suddenly they advance foward and turn round and start shooting you. what should you do?



you are defending the jedi temple but you are struggling one of the clones throws a thermal detonator and it blow a hole in a wall into top secret room you find some equipment in there! what should you do?



your inside defending it rex who is the only loyal clone left puts a sheild in the doorway so you wont get shot or they won't get in. you find bits to male a super weapon also you find ammo,medi kits, food and drink. what should you do?



you grab the ammo medi kits and a couple of bottles of drink. the clones are on a break you have been in there for hours you sneak out and all you leave the clones are empty mags and used medi kits. you manage to escape but then you bump into some more clones that spot you! what should u do?



You managed to get past the clones and you have made it to the canteen unfortunately the cooks are all clone troopers they haven't spotted you yet. so whilst they're not looking you take them out. then you here a pataleon of troopers coming. whats your next plan



the patrol has past but a challange awaits. you have to split up from the main group. you take ahsoka and rex with you. then you see the chancellor commanding them what to do what should you do now?



you manage to here that they are calling him lord sideous which is the emperor. you continue your mission to get out of the temple and form a rebel alliance on yavin. so you went to the jedi council room and found master yoda meditating and mace windu forming a plan between the room and you there are 2 clones you manage to get yoda's attention. what do you ask him to do?



you've successfully taken em out you get to yoda. he knows of a secret tunnel underneath the library where they can escape. so your squad, yoda and mace find the other group. you look round and see a clone holding her at gun point. what next?



your traveling along and manage to sneak past several patrols. the clones run the temple now. you manage to get to the secret passageway without a scratch. you find the entrance has been sealed off?



you manage to open up the sealed door and everyone escapes. you're free.the tunnel leads to a secret hanger so you can get in a starfighter and leave. you find the clones have blown up the tunnel! how do u clear it?



you got through and freedom. did u like?


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