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Would You Survive A Zombie Outbreak ?

This is a very detailed quiz about wether or not you would survive a zombie outbreak. It has questions about your survival abillities, where you would hold out and about the weapons you would use.


Are you Male or Female?



What is your body build?



How often do you get sick?



How far can you run?



What kind of outlook do you have?



Your sitting at home watching the t.v. Your watching the news and you have been informed of a small scale outbreak that could turn into a full pandemic, what do you do?



A full scale outbreak has got out. You are with a few friends and you need a full scale plan. You would..?



You've set up a good defensive structure to hold out in. You then realise you don't have any reliable weapons because most are badly damaged or unusable. You get to a gun store which has already been raided so there is a limited supply for your group. You choose 1 melee weapon and 1 gun, Which do you choose?



On the way back to your base your friend gets bitten from a zombie that was hidden in a nearby alleyway. Your friend gives you 4 options, which one do you choose?



After a few days almost the whole city/town is undead. You and your friends have to move otherwise you will be overrun. Where do you go?



Do you travel during the day or night?



You are by yourself. It is getting dark. You need a place to stay. There is a heavily barricaded building but the door is locked. What do you do?



You have been bitten and there is no cure. What do you do?



Out of these choices what would be the best place to defend from?


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