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Would you do well on survivor

If you take this test you will figure out how well you would do on survivor. Would you win or get voted out first


Wow you are in Peru and it's breath taking. Your tribe has: a snake, a good old nice country guy, a control freak, and a loud mouth. There are a lot more. which are you?



Your first challenge happens. What do you do?



Come on! You lost and are heading to tribal council. Who do you want to leave?



Your tribe is down 5 to 6 and it's close to a merge. How do you do on a challenge.



Somehow you lost that challenge. You are heading to tribal council. Who leaves this close to the merge.



Yay! You made it to the merge! However some one can't take it anymore. What do you do to comfort them?



At the challenge you have to stand on a pole as long as you can. The alliances are split 5 to 5 so this is important to you because they will vote for you. How do you do?



Wow you made it to the final 6! Now is the time you can switch loyalties. What will you do?



Your alliance have made it the final four! However, now your alliance has to turn against each other and you are on the chopping block. Note: You lost the the challenge. What do you do?



It worked! A fire tie breaker challenge happens. To bad the nice guy is a fire expert. What do you do?



You won the final challenge and get to pick who to bring with you to the final 2. Who will you take?



You are sitting in final tribal talking to the jury. What do you say?


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