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the battle on geonosis

you are one of the jedi sent to geonosis to rescue anakin, obi wan and padme can you survive


you are walking around the temple having fun untill aayla secura runs up to you and tells you that you are going on a important mission to geonosis what do you do to propare



you get to the hangar what ship do you take



you enter the ship and jump to lightspeed you sense a dark disturbance what do you



you enter the planets atmosphere you land at the LZ only to find no one is there what do you do



you move on its geting dark you make a camp in a cave and cook some food while eating you hear a noise outside you look and see a desert rancor HES SPOTTED YOU!!! how do you attack



you try what you planned but its not working he then suddenly stops and sniffes he smells your food and you give it to him youve made a freind you decide to move on where do you head



you head to your chosen location you see a colluseum how do you plan to get in



you enter the colluseum cautiously and get to the higher floors you see aayla you go "psssssss aayla its me" she runs over to you and tells you the situation you can prapare for this brutal combat what do you do



suddenly you see mace windu put his lightsaber on jangos neck immedietly you jump from the floor your on to the ground aayla joins you then you signal the rancor he comes crashing through now the droids flow through how do you attack



suddenly jango comes down and stuns aayla with a stun shot and then aims for you how do you deal with him



your plan works then you use a med pack on aayla she wakes up then you are both pinned you are the last jedis ALIVE!!! count douku jumps down what do you do what do you do



douku pulls out his lightsaber you know he wants a challenge how do you strike



with some unbeliveable stroke of luck your plan works and the clones come you shout "ITS ABOUT TIME YOU SHOWED UP!!!" they land and secure the area yoda comes up to you and says "a powerful jedi you are do you want to be on the council" what is your reply



now you get back to corusant how do you celebrate



did you like the test wont effect your score


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