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How well do you know Light Yagami?

This is a test that will test the extent of your knowledge on Light Yagami from the anime series Death Note. The questions difficulty range from extremely easy to things that you never knew were published, but I assure you, all answers in this test have been checked through thuroughly. Thank you for taking this test! I also appreciate feedback at cutelikepandas@gmail.com.

From the creator of: How well do you know Death Note?


What was Light main goal that was repeated throughout the series?



Light is a translated name. What is his Japanese name and what kanji is used that makes it special?



Who killed Light Yagami?



How many people had Light killed by the end of the series?



What is the date of Light's Birthday?



What is the key to Light's Death Note safety drawer?



Light was never seen in the same room/transportation unit as which character?



In the first volume of Death Note, Light writes the name of a Motorcyclist into his death note to test it out. He wrote it out six different ways. How do you correctly spell the name of this man?



Which three girls have all been Light's girlfriend?



How did Light and Takada secrety communicate while they were under sound serveilance by the task force.



What food does Light eat that no one else in his family will?



Is the following statement true or false?
Light Yagami was born with an extra toe on his left foot. (obviousely being immediately amputated as is procedure in hospitals)



At the very beginning of the entire series, where was Light when he aquired the Death Note.


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