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Did You ever poo your pants in school

Many of us wet or poo our pants whilst in class with all the others waiting to find out and get called,many sit in it for hours and sneek out off class, others just fill there pants and sit there going red in the face, until the teacher saysHave You pooed Your pants, Get it off your chest,age it happened,who smelt it, who filled there pants,what did you see,was it you or a friend,did you get caught,made to wear others pans/shorts or even a diaper for the rest off the day


What age did You fill Your pants at school ?



Did you poo your pants?



Did You wet yourself after the poo came out?



Were you made to wear someone elses shorts or nappies/diapers/rubber pants or plastic pants in class



Did you confess to a mate sat by you that you had messed yourself



Did you briefly enjoy the feeling of soft poo inbetween your legs



Were you sat or standing when you pooed yourself



Did your parents ever know you had messed your pants in school



Did the teachers smack your bum after you messed your pants



Did pooing your pants at school effect your life afterwords


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