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Am I getting fat?

Like I said in the short description, I quit the swim team a few months ago, and fear I may have put on some weight. I'll try to keep this short-ish.


This is me from the front, I am...



This is me from the side, I am...



This is me from behind, I am...



Me six months ago vs. me earlier today. Have I gained weight?



Is my stomach noticeably larger?



This is what spurred me to make this quiz. Earlier, I noticed that my lower back was literally covered in stretch marks. They're white, so they aren't super visible in this photo, but they're all over my love handles + mid back.



This is me sitting down, I am...



For some context, I've developed some bad habits that might factor into this. Apart from exercising less, I've started to drink McDonalds iced coffee almost every day (sometimes several times a day). It's extremely sugary, and is basically as bad as soda. I've also started to eat fast food more frequently.



I am 5 ft 6 and 152 pounds. For reference, the "normal" range is about 120-155 lbs.



Could I hide this gain?



Overall, you would classify me as...


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