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Am I getting chubby? (with pictures)

I've been steadily gaining weight for a few years. I'm worried it's beginning to become obvious (people have begun to comment on it). Again, give it to me straight. I'm posting this because I want answers. Don't try to be nice and spare my feelings (you're anonymous anyway!)


This is me from the front, I am...



This is me from the side, I am...



This is me from behind, I am...



This is me grabbing the fat on my stomach, I am...



This is me pinching my love handles, I am...



This is me stretching, I am...



This is me in a size small shirt. If you saw me on the street, what would you think?



**Use this as a reference for the shirt question! The answers don't count, so pick whichever one you want.**



This is me wearing size six jeans (this is honestly really embarrassing, but I snapped the zipper off trying to get them on), I am...



This is me in a swimsuit, I am...



This is me sitting down and poking my stomach, I am...



This is me sitting down from the side, I am...



This is me sitting from a different angle, I am...



Part of what compelled me to make this was an interaction I had a few weeks ago. I was hanging out with my friends, and one of them had brought chocolate chip cookies. She offered them around, and I accepted one. When she handed it to me, she smirked and went "here you go fatty." I was confused, and a little hurt, but I didn't say anything. Later in the conversation, I made a joke about hating cardio. She laughed and said "Well yeah, if you did cardio you wouldn't look like THAT" and waved her hand in my direction. It was rude, yes, but be honest-was she telling the truth?



Which body fat percentage most resembles me?



My belly measurment is 36 inches, is this...



For reference, the normal category for my BMI is between 115 lbs and 155 lbs (155+ being considered overweight). What would you guess my weight is? (Hint-there is actually a correct answer, one of these is right)



Should I lose weight, gain weight, or stay the same?



Last but not least, I am...


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