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Weight gain role play

Weight gain roleplay. Get fat!!


You wake up in a white room with no windows or doors. The floor celing and walls are white. There is a table with a plate of cookies.



You ate one of the cookies, and immediately felt different. Your flat belly got bigger and rounder. Your thighs are slightly rounder and your belly raises your shirt a little



You eat another, and your belly gets bigger. It is now big and round, your thighs almost touch.



You eat another and look down, you cant see your feet, and your belly has started to form rolls. Your thighs touch and your shirt is really tight



Your belly now hangs over your pants and Has 3 big rolls of fat on them. Your thighs squish together and a double chin has formed on your face. Your shirt is so tight it rips. You are now ahirtless and your belly bursts out. Your arms also look flabbier



You realize you have eaten all the cookies on the plate. Seconds later, a big hose and a chair rises out of the floor. Do you go to it



You sit down and the hose shoots into your mouth. Liquid chocolate flows out of the hose and into your mouth. Your belly gets bigger and bigger completely sitting in your lap. Your thighs which are squashed together, are big and jiggly. Your arms are round and flabby.



After you have eaten all the chocolate,you get up and reallize how obese you have gotten you realize that there is a scale in the corner of the room. You get on but your pile of fat is in the way. You bend over and see that it says 620lbs. You go to a bed next to the scale, but after a couple of steps, you callapse onto the floor. Your flab spills out and realize that you cant get back up.



You pass out on the floor, but you wake up 30 minutes later with the hose in your mouth. It shoots ice cream into your mouth. You see that your belly is absolutely huge! It is just a mountain of fat rolls piled up. You have multiple chins and your arms and legs are so heavy you cant move them. Your stomach hurts and your breathing is heavy. Seconds later you cant move at all and are completely immoble.



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