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Did I get fat?

I got tired of being skinny so I started to gain weight. I gained about 27 pounds. Did I get fat?


This was me 3/4 months ago. I was pretty skinny and I wore small jeans.



This is me last week. I gained almost all the fat in the belly area. I am about 27 pounds heavier. My jeans don’t fit anymore and my shirts are all akwardly tight because my belly sticks out. I am:



What should I do?



My friend also wanted to gain some weight so we did it together . He gained about 30 pounds. He also wants to know if he is fat. This is his before:



This is about 30 pounds later. His belly got much bigger and he said he will probably gain more because he is to lazy to stop. He is:



This is my third friend. He didn’t gain any weight but he wants to know what is he?



Lastly here is my fourth friend who has been gaining weight for almost 1.5 year. This is him at the start after he gained 5 pounds



Here is when he first told us he is gaining.



A few months later after he outgrew all his clothes



When we started our gaining challenge. He was already pretty big;



This is him now. He can wear his old shirts as a bra and his pants dont go further than his calves


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