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Choose the fat friend

You are told that you have to choose one of your friends to body swap with for 1 day read about the friends and choose who to swap with.


Read the discription before taking this quiz



Your first friend, Preston, is a little bit chubby. He has no fat rolls, only some folded skin. He eats a healthy meal with some occasional treat. He is 11 years old, 5 foot 1, and weighs 115lbs.



Your second friend is Stephen, he is your shortest friend, only 4 foot 9. He has a smaller belly with most of his pudge in his lower belly. He is 11 years old, and weighs 120lbs



Next is Alisha, she is Brendons girlfriend,she is a bit lighter weighing 130lbs. She is the oldest at 13, and 5 foot 3. She eats a lot having 3-4 snacks a day.



Your next friend is Buford. He is on the heavier side, being 12, 5 foot 2, and 140lbs. He has 2 fat rolls and chubby thighs. He is lazy and smelly.



Next is Brendon. He is 12, 5 foot 3, and 150lbs. He is always sleeping, and laying down in various places. He has a belly that hangs down over the waistband of his shorts. He has a big appetite.



Your next friend is Ron. Being the tallest friend at 5 foot 5, he is 12, and 160lbs. He is the loudest friend always talking about food. He likes to fart all over .He wears tight shirts that lift up enough to see his lower belly.



Then theres Gavin. He is 12, 5 foot 1, and 175lbs. The shirts he wears are always tight from all the food he gobbles down. Being your most piggish friend, he eats mostly pizza and chips, and afterward burps and falls asleep on the floor. He has big moobs and a big round belly



Last is Sean,(me) he is the fattest friend being 12, 5 foot 4, and 210lbs. He doesn't have any shirts that fit and usually goes shirtless. He eats constantly with 4 meals and 7 snacks. He has 3 huge fat rolls, giant moobs and squishy thighs, and a gigantic belly that jiggles and wobbles when he walks. He is always tired and really smelly



Who do you choose for the body swap?


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