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who is FAT -with BELLY PICS-

this might take a whil so please answer accurately los of belly pic and lot's of fake charitaristics.

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this is jake. you met him by the pool. he is 12 years old. he weights 47 kg and is quite short. his belly is quite big and chubby. it jiggles when he walks. his doctor says hes healthy- but only just-. his friends dont really seem to notice but do say he's big

What do you think of Jake?



Jake then askes you what you think he should do with ihs weight. what doo you say?



Jake wants you to have a running race. you win it. jake looks like a red baloon. he's outta breath. he says that he is'nt used to Running and that he is ysed to attracting girls. now he gets worried. the girls are in the corner, and the have never seen Jake in trunks.

Jake then asks what you think he will be told by the girls...



some girls leave Jake.
You are on your own with him.
What do you say?



the naxt boy to meet is charlie is plum short and constantly snaking. his friends say he is very fat.
His doctor says he is OBESE
What do you say about him?



charlie did look like this^^
that was when he was friends with the popular boys like Jake

Whay do you think they left him?



Charlie says he cant run that fast so he gave up on football.
Was this cos of his belly?



who do you think you will meet next?



next guy is Adam. he is tall for 11 and weights an normal amount. his doc says hes fit and healthy and his firends cant keep up with him.
in your opinion he is...



A few weeks have passed and Adam has been ill with a cold. in that ime he has nont been exersizing and going to the gym. insted he has been eating lots of takeaways.
after he is better he asks if hes fat. his belly now looks like this^^



you are gonna meat another guy this is the last one.



this is bob. he is verry fat. he weights a ton. he cant run or jog. he has never dared been rear a doc cos he knew the'd call him fat. all his friends call him fat all the time.
what catorary should bob be in?



bob lost weight
what catorary was he in now?



look at the belly pic...
Has bob lost enough weight?



was the quiz good?



now we are gonna meet even mor guys.



btw jake's belly looks like this when he sits. whhat is this...?



this is Tim. Tim is 8 and loves going to kfc every 3 days of the week. when he goes ther he orders the biggest servings he could buy. Tim weights about 30 kg which makes him nearly obese. his friends oftern call him chubby, but Tim can run and jump, allthough not as well as others.
What best describes Tim?



seee those 3 boys nearest to the camera?
one of them is Tim. If i tell you the middle one is tim, do you think he's belly stands out?



does he need bigger clothes ^^



now for more questions!! yes i mean it



is charlie hansome?



is jake hansome?


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