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Am I fat?

For while I've been gaining weight, 65kg 3 years ago and now 94kg. I want to know what you think about my body. P.S. I'm a 17 year old boy if you care


A couple years ago I was 65kg and roughly 5"7' was this fat



Now I weight about 94kg and 5"10', is this fat?



All the clothes I wear are at minimum a large, some of my clothes are also 2XL. Is this fat



Though my school is small I would be the one of the biggest people in my school. Is this fat?



The only exercise I get is walking to school, takes 10 minutes one way. Is this fat?



I am the heaviest person in my friend group, for context the 2 heaviest are 72kg and 80kg but they workout. Am I fat?



I have stretchmarks on my hips, thighs and arms. Does this make me fat?



Finally, overall what do you think I am?



Do you think I should gain or lose weight?



What did you think of this test?


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