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Is my friend fat?

hey!!! Thx for clicking this :) so ive recently started to notice my friends belly getting softer and thicker, and I'm wondering if she's still [_] or now she's [_].Sorry there aren't any pics couldn't get any so I'll try to be descriptive. Thx!!!


Standing, she has a back roll and two big belly rolls



Estimating, her waist is probably about 35-36 inches around



Sitting her belly rests in her lap and makes two giant rolls and one small one



When she walks, her thighs rub together



If she jumps, her belly jiggles quite a lot and takes a few seconds to stop. It wobbles when she walks



For a small snack, she usually has 2 small cookies and some chips



I stuffed my shirt but this is kinda what her belly looks like (tbh it's much bigger irl)



I have hugged her and her belly is very soft and squishy and pressed against me



She sometimes has a bit of difficulty getting up and cannot lean over bc her belly blocks the way



At parties or sleepovers, she eats at least 5 pieces of pizza in one sitting without getting full, the most she ever ate was 9.



We went to Burger King once and she ate so much her button popped open, but she kept going. She stuffed down two triple whoppers and chugged a whole xl soda. She drank and ate so much she almost couldn't fit in the booth.



Once she playfully grabbed her stomach and even with two hands she couldn't grab it all.



Normal standing, she looks like she 5 months pregnant, but after a meal or when she's bloated, she looks 7 or so months pregnant and she can probably feel the bloat under several layers of fat.



in a size women's large shirt, she said it felt like a rlly tight corset squeezing her belly.



You think my friend should:



Should I talk to her about her weight?


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