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Am I fat

During lockdown i put on a few pounds and afterwards I continued and I want see now how fat I am


I weigh 160 lbs what am i



If I was to try on trouser from 2 years ago my belly would stop me from buttoning them up. What am i



I have one large roll and my belly,butt,thighs jiggle a bit when I walk. What am i



Small is way too small for me, my belly stops me from buttoning mediums up, Large is getting a bit snug for me. What am i



My moobs slop over a bit and do jiggle a bit if I slap my belly. What am i



I could eat 3 large dominos pizzas and still have some room for a tub of Ben and Jerry’s. What am i



My belly measurement is around 37 inches



3 trouser buttons have been claimed by my belly what am I



Most of the time I laze around my home eating, watching movies and sleeping. What am I



Okay short story. After lockdown I went to try on my favourite pair of jeans and I couldn’t even button them up. that’s when I reliesed I had put on a bit of weight. What was my response



Overall what am i



How fat do you want me to be



Finally what did you think of this quiz


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