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Am I fat ?

During lockdown I put on a few pounds. Now , in 2022 , I have continued to gain. Now I weigh around 155 lbs and I love it and want more. I need your opinion to help me decide if I should continue


I can’t fit into medium and starting to struggle fitting into large. What am I



My belly measurement is 37 inches . What am i



My belly sort of rests in my lap. What am i



If I looked down when standing I can’t see all of my feet. What am I



I only do exercise when I’m forced to. What am i



I have 4 large meals a day and snack on sweets , chocolates and crisps all throughout the day. What am I



My belly hangs over my pants and hangs down a couple of inches. What am I



When I sit on my bed it creakes and the arena I’m sitting sinks down a bit. What am I



When I walk my belly, butt, moobs and thighs jiggle a bit



Should I continue to gain weight



How fat do you want me to be


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