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Am I a fat 13 yr old male quiz, pt 6!!!

Hey , take this test , if you want to before o after take pts 1-5. See my development and how I’ve changed and then tell me more about it by answering these questions !


Hey y’all . Since this is my y the quiz I’m sure y’all know the way it works . Anyways last time I did this I was around 210-220lbs ( around 2 weeks ago ) now I am around 235lb-240lb . My waist is about a men’s 44 in , size L-XL, I am 5ft 7. How I am ?



This is my stomachs view when I am sitting down , note : I will show less stomach pics. As I have a bruise on my moon and some stretch marks . The image isn’t working ( will show later )



Me pinching my mob / belly fat .



Should I be a gainer ? I’ve already gained almost 10pm since I first started ( some muscle , most fat )



My leg ( pic not working )



My view looking down ( just my belly )



My face , most of my weight are in my belly / legs for whatever reason my face looks more normal .



I am now prediabetic and one of the fattest in my grade



My lower belly fat



Am I healthy



Should I continue gained or should I lose weight ( please be honest , even if you like fat or don’t , think about if it were yourself , what would you do ).



I still do some sports surprisingly , but I eat so much that I can still gain a lot



I think I might actually be one of the fattest kids in my area, the doctor told me I will get early diabetes . Should I stop gaining



I have a girlfriend now , the only issue is that she knows my from like a few months ago when I was skinnier she doesn’t know I am fat now , should I tell her



My parents don’t even care about my weight anymore , is this good or bad



Anyways , personally I’m getting tired of making these gainer quizzes if I am honest with you . I might try to lose some weight . If you don’t like that , don’t worry they will still be good quizzes . What type of quizzes should I do .



How much do y’all weight ?



What should I do , part of me loves being fat but other part knows it’ll have my waste some time eating and not doin* things



Anyways, thank you for doing this quiz . This may be the last one in the series , how did you like this quiz 1-5( 5 being perfect )



Me laying down with my stomach



Should zi gain / lose weight



What would you do if you were me


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