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I can make you poop your pants

I will set different challenges and at the end you will most likely have a poop in your pants


How bad do you need to go?



During this test wear a tight pair of underwear and some tight jeans/jeggings and do not take them off at all



Relax and imagine being so desperate you let it all out



Imagine being really desperate to poop. You ignore it until the last second. You then get up to go to the toilet but by the time you get there you are so desperate you panic and completely forget to pull down your pants and underwear. You feel sudden relief but to your horror you feel a firm poop sliding into your pants and causing the seat of your underwear to bulge.



Eat something filling and then come back



Do a squat and completely relax



Sit on a really flat surface and push hard for 15 seconds



Lie down on your stomach and push hard. If poop comes out, let it come out



These next ones are hard. If your need to go is higher than a 6 then you need to fill your pants completely in any way you want



Sit on the toilet and push as if pooping normally for 20 seconds



Lean forward and put you hands on your knees and push hard for 30 seconds



Lower into a squat and push as hard as you can. How clean are your pants?


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