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Very Hard SpongeBob Quiz.

How well do you know SpongeBob? Do this test to find out! This includes season 1-8. See if you can outsmart me! I KNOW ALL!!!!!


First, we’re gonna start off easy. (^_−)−☆ ‘K, what condiment does Patrick think is an instrument?



When Patrick raises his hand a second time (without saying anything), what does Squidward say?



Finish the sentence.

“Nobody can know the secret of the secret box. NOBODY!!! Not even—“



What episode in season 1 involves bubble gum?



When SpongeBob and Patrick go on the wrong bus, where they go instead of home?



Let’s move on to season 3, 4, and 5! What does Squidward get stuck in his throat?



SpongeBob was working 24 hour shifts for 43 days making 10,000 krabby patties! Now that he goes insane, what does he see?



What does SpongeBob and Patrick use to steal her spy equipment?



When Plankton was the owner of the Krusty Krab, what was the problem for SpongeBob’s weekly performance review?



These last questions are gonna be super hard!!! Why can’t SpongeBob and Patrick get into Greg’s summer shindig?



What do SpongeBob and Patrick spend all there money on when they get lost in the woods?



LAST ONE!!! If you get this, you know more SpongeBob than me! What is the latest SpongeBob SquarePants episode?!?!


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