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Who's your favorite friend?

In this quiz you answer the questions such as: do you think this person is fat? or do you think he should lose weight? You get six friends in this test. In the end, you answer the question: which friend do you like the most? Enjoy this test!


Suppose this is Bram. He is 14, his height is 5'3 (160 cm), and he weighs 165 pounds (74.8 kg). That’s:



Bram likes to eat and sit in his room shirtless, and he likes to play games for at least 8 hours a day. What do you think of him?



Suppose this is James. James is 13 years old and is 5'2 tall (157 cm) and weighs 130 pounds (59 kg). He is:



James is into kickboxing but also soccer. What do you think of that?



But outside of sports, James also eats quite a lot. Every day a large bag of chips goes in, but also a small bag of candy, and that’s only as a snack.



Imagine this is Benjamin. He is 5'4 (162.5 cm) tall, weighs 175 pounds (79.3 kg) and is 13 years old. You think his weight is:



Benjamin is shirtless everywhere except school because he loves his belly.



Benjamin can eat like a bear, 4 cones of fries is easy for him.



This is Oliver. He's overweight, but he doesn't care. He likes to survive in the forest, eat a lot and be with friends.



Oliver weighs 150 pounds (68 kg) and is 5'3 (160 cm) tall. Do you think he's fat?



Oliver only has fat friends because that suits him.



This is Bart. He is 13, 5'4 (162.5 cm) tall, and being obese, weighs 190 lbs (86.1 kg).



If you thought the last one was heavy, look at justin. he is 16 years old, 5'8 (172 cm) tall, and weighs 300 pounds (136 kg). What do you think of that?



If you were his friend, what would you do?



Suppose Bram and James wrestle against each other, who will win? The heavy 14-year-old Bram, or the 13-year-old overweight kickboxer James?



If everyone had an eating contest, who would win?



Suppose you walk outside with Benjamin in the warm weather without a shirt. Who would the fastest be called fat?



Suppose you go to Justin's house with all your friends (Bram, James, Benjamin, Oliver, Bart and Justin). There is an eating contest, a belly fight, and then you all sit in your bare stomach for a few hours, watch a movie and eat more. Would you agree to this plan?



After all the questions, who is your favorite friend?



Should I make a new one of 'Who's your favorite friend' test? If so, with what theme?


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