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Rank The Fat Teen

Ah yes fat friends, hate them or love them we can all agree to make fun of them. Answer these questions of your gluttonus 14 year old friends and what you think would happen


Your first friend out of five is James. James is your second closest fat friend, and you hang out alot. James is 198 pounds and is five foot 5 inches. He loves taking his shirt off, eating, and being lazy. He's deffintly your dumbest obese friend but it makes up with some funny outcomes. One day after school, James decides to get some snacks and chill. James falls asleep with a big burp and in a food coma. You lay down and accidently on James's big belly. What does it feel like?



Few days later, James decides to lay down on the ground and he's out cold. You don't want to leave James sleeping on the ground so you try to pick him up. What's the result



James, the clutz he is, slips onto you and his butt falls on your face. He farts on you, what happens?



Next friend is Charlie, Weighing at 205 Pounds and being the second shortest at five foot 3 1/2 inches. He loves food. two years ago he was 100 pounds, just like you, but all of a sudden started gaining and gaining pounds. after a 105 pound gain he farted more, and was more gluttonus. What would you classify him as?



Charlie is doing an am I fat test and needs your help, you have to try to lift charlie up and see how easy it is. What's the result



You and charlie head into the deep woods nearby and you reach an area with thick bushes and trees all close together. You know that you can navigate through the shrubs but you don't know if charlie is thin enough to get through.



Noah is youre most piggish friend, with the a chubby face, and belly that looks like a greedy pig. He is five foot 4 inches making him shorter than average. He weighs 215 pounds which makes him incredibly dense. He enjoys shaking his moobs, sitting around, farting, and being gluttonus. your in gym class with Noah and you are partners. The teacher says you have to hold your partner up while they do a squat hold. (holding their butt/back incase they fall) what's the result



you and Noah are hanging out at his house. He's shirtless as always. At the end of the day, you wake him up and he tells you goodbye. All of a sudden when your whispering to him, he releases a huge burp, does it stink?



You, Noah, and all your other friends are hanging out and Noah is dared to shake his big belly and moobs, what does it look like?



Your favorite fat friend Brian is next. He is your oldest friend and has always been fat and short. He is your shortest friend at five foot 2 inches tall. He weighs 220 pounds! He loves his belly, moobs, and double chin. He enjoys farting on his friends, eating, being lazy, bumping bellies with fat friends. Since he's the shortest, Brian has the biggest moobs, and the widest belly. One day, you, Brian, and James are walking in the same woods charlie got stuck in. you pass this 30 foot long log that many people enjoy crawling through. since it's cuite thin, it's unknown if either Brian or James can fit through the whole way! what do you think happens?



Your hanging out with everyone at Brians house, and everyone is taking an am I fat test. You have to squish Brians belly, stomach and moobs and tell him what you feel. What would you say? (look at his moob in the pic)



Brian loves farting so your used to him farting all the time. Noah and Brian enjoy farting on each other to see who can take it longer. Brians alway incredibly tired after his farting matches so you decide to let him sit and then fart onto you since you're such a good friend. What happens when he releases the stinky gas!



Your final and fattest friend is Nick, Nick is the talles and is five foot 7 inches and weighs a whopping 235 pounds. he is the biggest and most gluttonish. He eats the most and is way fatter than your other friends. Since he's icnredibly fat he is always sweating and stinky. You have to put your hand under his biggest fat roll and feel the sweat and fatness as a dare from James, Charlie, Brian, and Noah. You begin to put the hand under the dangerously large roll of fat...



from another bet lost, you have to let Nick sit on your lap and wait how much you can last of his fatness and stinkness



You, Nick, Charlie, James, Noah, and Brian decide to have a wrestling match. everyone takes their shirts off to make it easier to grip eachother and the match begins on Nicks bed and whoever falls off is out. What is most likely going to happen?



Who was your favorite friend!


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