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Will the shadows be your friends (Fnaf)

this test will feature the two shadow animatronics and we will see if they want to be your best friend!


hi! welcome to the quiz, lets jump right in!

shadow freddy: hey kid, do you like purple or black?



Ok, now shadow bonnie...

shadow bonnie: ok, ummm... do you like me or shadow freddy more



alright then! back to freddy...

shadow freddy: do you ship us?



ooooh, ok now bonnie!

shadow bonnie: do you prefer a bear or a rabbit?



ok, now your turn freddy!

shadow freddy: if you died how would you die?



wow ok, well now back to bonnie!

shadow bonnie: ummm... have you ever done something incredible?



ok, now freddy...

shadow freddy: ok, why did you really take this quiz?



ooooh ok then its bonnie's turn...

shadow bonnie: ok, well, lets see... do you like to party?



nice ok freddy your up!

shadow freddy: would you murder?



alright last question guys! its your turn bonnie!

shadow bonnie: ok, would yu rather eat cake or cookies?


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