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Healthy weight or not?

Do you know what’s healthy? Thanks for taking this this test, and to challenge yourself, don’t use internet for answers!


I am 13 years old, 5’2 and 112 pounds. Am I overweight?



The next questions story’s are fictional! A boy is 11 years old, 4’9 and 77 pounds. Is he healthy?



Continuation of the previous question: After 1 year of the COVID-19 pandemic he got fatter. He is 12 years old, 5’1, and his weight is 105 pounds. Is he still healthy?



Continuation of the previous questions: After again 1 year of the COVID-19 pandemic, he got fatter again. He’s now 13, 5’3 tall and 130 pounds heavy. Is he healthy?



A new story: A boy is thinking: Am I too heavy? He is 9 years old, 4’5 and 79 pounds. Is he healthy or not?



A girl got bullied because children saying she is fat. She is 13 years old, 5’3 and 121 pounds. Is she too heavy?



A boy is 10 years old, but he doesn’t do sports. He is 4’7 and 81 pounds. Is he healthy, or should he start doing sports?



The boy of the previous question thinks he is getting too fat, and he sign up for a football club. A year later he is 11 years old, and he is now 5’0 and 92 pounds. Is he healthy?



The boy of the previous question, invite his friends to join the football club. And after each match, he eat pizza with his friends. After doing that, he goes to home to play video games with his friends. A year later, he is 12, 5’3 and 123 pounds. Is he healthy?



The boy of the previous question, sign out of the football club because he’s getting too lazy. He never goes outside to play anymore. He’s snacking more and more, at school and at home. Every day he buys a burger with coke at school. After 1 year, he’s 13, 5’6 and 150 pounds. Did he got too heavy?



A boy is 20 years old. He is 6’1 and 127 pounds. Is he healthy?



2 friends of a 12 year old boy ask him to gain weight. He’s now 5’2 and 100 pounds. Is he healthy now?



The boy of the previous question said yes. Now is he 13 and he looks like the photo. Is he overweight?



This photo is what a boy of 12 years old, 5’2 and 100 pounds looks like. Now look back at the previous photo. How much weight did he gained? Choose the closest answer!



What's healthier?



A boy is skinny because he eat almost nothing because of his medication. He is 8 years old, 4’3 tall and 48,5 pounds. Is he too skinny?



The boy of the previous question stopped taking medication. Then he started eating more. A year later he is 9, 4’6 and 62lbs. Is his weight healthy?



The boy of the previous question, is still thinking he’s too skinny, so he stopped going to play outside and doing sports. He stopped eating healthy, and he eat until he is sick. A year later, he is 10, 4’8 and 100 pounds. Is he healthy?



The boy of the previous question, keeps gaining and after two years, he is 12, 5’2 and 150 pounds. Is he healthy?



The boy of the previous question, is now going to the middle school. At PE, he got bullied because of his weight. And every time he change his clothes at PE, he got bullied again. Then he stopped gaining weight, and he going to lose weight because he don’t want to be bullied again. After a year he is 13, 5’4 and 130 pounds. Is he healthy now?



The classmates of the boy of the previous question are proud of him, because he lost weight. But then he got in the 2nd year of the middle school, He got in a class with only overweight boys. He told the class of his weight losing. But then all the boys asking him to gain weight again. And the boy said yes. Then he started eating until he is sick again, and stop doing sports. After a year, he is 14, 5’6 and 160 pounds. All the boys are proud of him now. But is he healthy?



In the 3rd year of the middle school, he got in a class with the same boys. All the boys are still overweight, and got fatter. They are all 5’6, and their weights are: 145 pounds, 150 pounds, 167 pounds, 153 pounds, 179 pounds, 165 pounds, 172 pounds, 180 pounds, 148 pounds, 152 pounds, 159 pounds, 190 pounds, and 200 pounds. The boy of the previous question, wants to be the fattest out of the class. So he started to gain even faster. And after 1 year, he 15, 5’8, and 200 pounds. Is he healthy?



The boys of his class can’t believe he is gaining so fast, and the boy that used to be 200 pounds, is now 210 pounds. So the boy of the previous question keeps gaining. In the 4rd year, he got again the same boys in his class, but with a fatter boy that’s 220 pounds. A year later the boy of the previous question is 16, 250 pounds and 6’0. Is he obese now?



The class of the boy of the previous question, is very proud of him. The two fattest boys are now 213 pounds and 225 pounds. And the boy is now 250 pounds, and the fattest of the class. A year later, the boy is 17, 6’1 and 270 pounds, and he needs to go to another school. There are people saying he really needs to lose weight. And the doctor say the same. The boy say yes, but I’m good with being chubby or a bit overweight. How much do he need to lose at least to be healthy?



End question: Look back at the question about me. If I gain 15 pounds, am I still healthy?


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