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Can you survive a kidnapper?

You hanged out with your friends, and you are now walking home, alone. Suddenly, a white van stops right beside you, and a mysterious man kidnaps you! Will you escape, or will you die trying to?


You were hanging out with your friends, and now you are walking to home, alone. Suddenly, a white van stops right beside you. You do..



Whatever you did, a mysterious person comes from the van and knocks you out, dragging you into his van.



You suddenly wake up, with you in a wooden chair, and in a concrete room. The paint on the walls have been messed up, and there is some blood on the wall that says "GO RIGHT.." There is also a door, that is boarded and locked up. You do...



You were looking around for clues, and suddenly, you heard footsteps! With the footsteps, you hear keys! You do..



With the footsteps and the keys ringing going away, you decided to look for more clues. You looked under your chair, and you found a hammer. What do you with the hammer?



You continued to look for clues for when suddenly, you found keys on the floor! You wonder and think that the kidnapper dropped his emergency keys while the kidnapper was placing you in the chair. What do you do with the keys?



Whatever you did, the door was open, and you saw a hallway. You realized, this was an abandoned school! There were multiple rooms, but 3 rooms, and a stairway that goes down got to your attention. You went into..



If you went down the stairway, there was debris blocking the exit, and the kidnapper found you. If you chose the music room, you are well armed. If you chose the office, there were phones in there but none of them worked (THIS IS A ABANDONED SCHOOL), and if you went in the regular classroom and hid, the kidnapper didn't find you. You explored through the floor and you realized, there was an another stairway! However, you here footsteps through that stairway! You do...



If you stood still and hoped for the best, the kidnapper found you. If you also fought the kidnapper, the kidnapper won the fight. If you chose the other questions however, you are safe. The kidnapper is on your floor and is searching for you. He is on the other side of the floor and you quickly think of the plan. The stairway (DOESNT HAVE DEBRIS) is closer to you too, and the kidnapper is further away from the stairway. You do..



If you fought the kidnapper, the kidnapper won the fight. If you chose continue hiding, the kidnapper went into an another room and you went down the stairway, and you are safe. If you ran to the stairway, you also are safe. You then found 2 halls that were separate. One hall is dangerous, and the other is safe. Which hall do you go through?



If you went down the left hall, there were the kidnappers friends and they shot you down. If you went down the right hall, you are safe. You suddenly remember in the room you started in, there was blood saying, "GO RIGHT". You then found a padlock with a 4 digit combination. You also found a piece of paper that says: "My 1st digit is 7+1-3, my 2nd digit is 28÷4, my 3rd digit is 204x0, my 4th digit is 4+1+9-11, and if you get this wrong, the building will EXPLODE!" You put in..



If you chose any option except for 5703, you exploded, and so did your kidnapper. If you picked 5703 however, the door opened and you opened the door. You saw some light fading through the door, and when it was fully opened, you realized you were in a abandoned city, and your phone was on the entrance of the abandoned school! You checked your phone and you called the cops. Soon after, the cops came and arrested the kidnapper. You were let free after some interrogation and you live for a another day.


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