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Very hard pee quiz

Welcome to my pee quiz! You are definitely going to pee yourself on this quiz. If you don’t want your pants to be wet, don’t take this quiz.
Drink some water before starting this quiz.

If you do wet yourself, feel free to send a picture to me :3
My email is davidm2006@protonmail.com


First question! On a scale of 1-10, now much do you have to pee?



Drink one cup of water before continuing!



Listen to running water while reading this.
Imagine you’re on the bus and you drank too much water before getting on. Your home is an hour away and you really have to pee. You are squirming in your seat without making it too obvious you need to pee. Suddenly, you let go and pee yourself. It feels so warm and so good. You don’t even care the other people on the bus can see you pee.



Now for the activities :3
Press on your bladder really hard for 10 seconds



Put something hard on your bladder, like a ball. Then lay on a flat surface and relax all your muscles (including your bladder!) for a minute



Now sit on the toilet while wearing your clothes and turn the sink on. Relax for 2 minutes. If you start peeing, don’t stop yourself!



Drink another cup of water. Lay on your bed and listen to a running waterfall on YouTube for 2 minutes and relax your bladder. Did you pee?



Push as hard as you can and try not to pee. Did you pee?



Wherever you are at right now, pee for 3 seconds. How much did you pee



If you didn’t pee, pee yourself right now. If you want to, email me a picture at davidm2006@protonmail.com



I just did this quiz and peed myself and it felt so good :3



Did you like this quiz? (please be nice, this was my first quiz ;-;)


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