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How desperate are you to pee?

This test will tell you just how desperately you need the bathroom. Fair warning, if you already feel like you've gotta go you might want to get yourself a towel. Or, at least a pair of pants you don't mind ruining...


So, let's start out with a little basic info... How strong is your bladder in general?



Alright, so tell me... just how bad do you feel like you have to go right now?



Now then, let's start with a few tests... Push on your bladder once. How did it feel?



Close your eyes, and try thinking about peeing for a few moments... how did that feel?



Now, let some out for just one second. Doesn't matter where, just stop it as soon as you can.



Almost halfway done now! How're you holding up there?



Now, spread your legs apart as far as you can, and stretch your arms up above your head.



Alright, now tell me what you're doing to hold it in?



Squat down as far as you can and push down on your bladder.



Stop everything you're doing to hold it in for 30 seconds!



Final task... Relax your bladder and push on it for 5 seconds.



Good job getting through the quiz! Ready for your results?


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