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What are these dog breeds?

I really like dogs and I also know way more than the average person about them, so I decided to make a dog trivia quiz. I know that many people call themselves dog experts if they know what a German Shepherd is, but this quiz will really test your knowledge. It will start of really easy, but it will get harder so don’t be fooled!


What is this dog breed: I am a retriever that has a sea named after it.



Let’s get harder: What dog breed is named after a German tax collector?



What fact does this dog belong to: This dog breed is the state dog of Louisiana.



This is officially hard: True or false: dogs are colour blind.



How many types of basset hound are there?



True or false: the pitbull has a special jaw that enables it to lock its teeth onto the victim.



Are Dalmatians born with spots?



What is the rarest dog breed?



Following the last questions: around how many Césky terriers are there in the world? (This info may not be correct, sorry)



What is the fasted dog breed?



What is the biggest dog breed?



Last question! Did you like this quiz? (Answer won’t affect score)


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