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Have i gotten chubbier?

hey there! with quarantine and whatever i took some images of me last year thinking i was getting chubby, but now a year later i found and retook them from almost the same place and angle. i wanna know if/how much chubbier i’ve gotten, becuase i know my belly’s a fair bit softer since then and the jeans i wore in the older pictures were much tighter when i worse them today. be honest!


ok so i took these images in april 2020 and took the more recent ones in september. i wondered how quarantine would effect my chubbiness and it definitely has i think. i wanna know your thuoghts



hey so this was me last april. relaxed and loose, a little chubby in the belly i guess



going from the same place and angle, this is me now in 2021. during the year i comfort ate a lot out of boredom and made video games and yt my life. do you think i’m become chubbier



sucking in (2020). a bit squishy yea but maybe not too bad??



sucjing i’m my hardest (now)



my view of my belly (from 2020)



my pov from now (2021)



this was me sitting up straight and relaxing my belly last april (2020)



me tryna do the same now (2021)



yea so that’s me ha. 13 y/o and out of shape. my brother likes to poke my belly and laugh cuz he’s super skinny, but we both joke about it. i like being shirtless around the house and idm in public like at the beach, pool, or it’s just really hot. my mom noticed too and she’s tried to encourage me to have more activity lol. what’s your thought



whadya think i should do?


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