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am i getting fat??

ok you’re here, so i’m 14 years old and have been getting progressively chubbier over the recent months/years. remember to be honest and read the questions…


stood up, here’s my belly in jeans. these fitted pretty well somewhere over a year ago, but now struggle to contain my extra newfound belly. how’s it looking? (i may have ripped a seam or two getting them on..)



same place, same angle, same belly. now me sucking in what i can, still overhangs a little…



belly from my point of view. you can see it spills over the waistband and can see just how tight it is…



me trying to suck it in while sitting, but it still looks pretty pudgy ngl. it’s sort of just soft and jiggly.



yup, same as last question but fully relaxing my fat. it covers the waistband and it really digs into my skin (it didn’t used to)



sitting perfectly up right and leaning over a little… what’s worrying is that’s me sucking it in



sitting down, i can easily pinch two handfuls with ease (belly covers three fingers if i put my hand under)



i can’t lie… the button popped and more mounds of fat spilled out. i couldn’t get the button back in for a few minutes



same as last question, just a different angle



about the last question (button popping), that never happened only 1-2 years ago. these jeans fit mostly well then, but i was still chubby then. over the last year i’ve eaten loads more every day and exercised less, spending time in video games or laying in bed on my phone. thoughts? the chub is mostly in my belly, though it’s clear the rest of me is more… plump shall we say?



recently i was going about my day in the house shirtless (me and my brother always do) and my younger brother poked my fat and said i’ve gotten a little meatier lately. he agreed he had too (he’s a little pudgy too), but my mom agreed with him and said i’ve gotten chubby lately, but she said it’s better than being underweight and doesn’t mind it too much (she prefers me and my brother were a little pudgy). do you agree with them?


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