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Is my friend fat/gaining weight?

So i need some outsider help regarding my friends weight. Shes always been on the large side and i dont know whether i should help her about it (shes very open and if i offered she wouldnt be offended etc and would say yes if she then wanted to). So in this you will help me answer 2 big questions (so for a few questions i will describe something so you know context and then can give a final decision (these will be labeled "Key Question"))
1) is my friend in need of help with their weight for health
2) has my friend gained more weight recently as she said "last i checked about a year ago i was 140lbs" but then ended up being 182lbs and i want to know if you think she gained weight or was something like a faulty scale or remembering wrong etc


My friend is 182lbs and about 5'7



My friends belly is 90cm when standing and 85cm sucked in



When she sits she gets 2 large fat rolls, the top being 93cm (84cm sucked in) the bottom being 111cm (99cm sucked in) and said "I cant see my belly button when i sit" and even found it difficult to see it whem lifting the top roll (she drew a sketch of it so that will give some context)



According to a skin fold caliper assessment she has a 51% body fat (about 91lbs of her weight is fat)



The closest i could find to what her belly looks like, this is also about a year ago so she is likely to be thiner here



Same dress, when she leans over even slightly she gets large rolls and again this is potentially at about 40lbs lower weight being about a year old



[Key Question] In conclusion do you think i should help her lose weight or is she alright as she is



A skirt being worn about a year ago that seems to be getting tight (between when she said she was 140lbs and now at 182lbs) plus they havent been worn since (also take note of the shirt tightness for later). Do you think shes in the process of weight changes here?



This is the same shirt as in the last question only insted of about a year ago its about 2 months ago (sorry its difficult to see cus of jacket and tie but the buttons are showing big gaps and under alot of stress)



Take note of the tightness of the skirt (and general body size) from about a year ago ready for the next question



Same skirt as before and same shirt as the last few questions omly insted of a year ago its about 4 months ago, do they look like they got tighter from gaining weight?



[Key Question] Do you think she did gain weight from 140lbs to 182lbs in the last year or do you think it was miss remembering or faulty scales etc



Conclusion, thanks for helping let me know your final overall thoughts (remember she wouldnt find me rude or anything for asking if she wants help losing weight etc dont worry)


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