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Am i fat for 13

I gained a lot weight during quarantine and i cant stop gaining it. Help me figure out if its healthly


2 months ago I weighted 108 pounds and was 5”2 now i gained up to 146 and 5”3.4. What am i



My belly is very soft and jiggly and hangs over atleast a few inches. My moobs arent that big but when i sit down they extend quite far



Before the weight gain happened I was 6th fatest out of 11 boys in my class now i am a few pounds away from the fattest



How much weight should i loose/ where should i stop gaining



My belly outgrew my old clothes so and can be also seen through some bigger ones. I also cant wear any of my jeans anymore. Idk if its because i gained to much weight or because i was to skinny before



My belly hang over my pants a bit and my tight gap is now gone but my fattest friend says thats normal. Also my body fat is around 30% which means what?(before it was 11%)



Every day I go to the nearest store and buy some chips (800 kcal) and some chocolate (500kcal) i also eat some other snacks but not that much



My best friend told me to stay chubby but its hard for me to not get fatter



If u dont mind answer this…. How much do you weigh



I usually gain about 2 pounds per week and i am to lazy to stop


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