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Is My Friend Fat

I feel like my friend has gotten just a little bit possibly chubby and so I have made this quiz to ask you what you think.


(IMPORTANT: this is just me imitating what they look like, not actually their body.) This is what i (think) their stomach could look like. (and yes, i am puffing out my belly, in real life i am skinnier than the picture)



I have hugged my friend and their belly was kinda a little squishy.



They are nine but weighs around 85 pounds ( a few pounds above average for a nine year old)



They have a BMI of 20.9 (hovering kinda close to being overweight but not yet)Fun fact: My bmi is 14.5, I weigh several pounds less than the average ten year old ( my friend is almost ten)



They have a little (maybe) muffin top



So far is my friend:



My friend wears (i think) American Small-medium clothes (fun fact i wear xs and those are still kinda baggy)



Do you think my friend should lose or gain weight? (has no effect on score)



Lastly: I have sprinkled in stuff about me throughout the quiz, do you think I should lose or gain weight? (has no effect on score)



eh so w


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