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school shooting - will u survive!?!?

this is a test where you are in school and a school shooting starts! and you will try (or try not) to survive in the school before the police arrive and save all who lived. hope you like it! (this is my first test)


its a normal day at school, in math, until an alarm blares. it says, "we have a lockdown. this is not a dri- and then you hear a gunshot, and then it says, come ooout, little ones... and then it turns off. what do you do?!?



lets say you followed teachers instructions and hid, and you hear knocking on the door, and you hear, "this is the principal. come out now." what do u do?



if u dont answer, you hear whack, whack, whack! on the door. hes breaking it down! what do you do?



he broke it down! its the killer, and he has a MINIGUN AND CROWBAR!!!!!!!!!! what do you do?



you made it in the hall and hes chasing you, firing his minigun! what do you do?



you lost him. what do you do?



as you go down the hall, you take out your phone. it has 2% battery remaining. who do you call?



lets say you called 911. 10 minutes later, the police arrive, but the killer spots you and chases you! soon, you're in a dead end and he cornered you. there is one window. what do you do



you go to the police and tell EVERYTHING. they eventually found, disarmed, and handcuffed the killer. yay! what do you do? (does not affect score)



you go back home and your parents want to know what happened. what do you tell them? (does not affect score)


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