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Am I getting fat?

Hey! I am 12 and I have gained a lot of weight during summer. I was once counted as skinny but now I am not even close to It. I am making this test to find out if I gained to much weight


While standing My waist is about 32.5 inches big



While sitting My waist extends to 34.5 inches



I eat about 5 meals + 5 snacks per day



I eat a lot more than my scoolmates but I am skinnier than some.



I gained a lot of weigh to stop being skinny. I am about 25 pounds heavier than my best friend but I also am a bit taller



I cant touch my toes and I dont really see my feet that well because my belly gets a bit in a way. I can see my toes



My belly sticks out of t-shirts just a bit. When I eat to much I can’t really fit in my shirts. Otherwise my belly is not that visible



My fat friend say I am not fat but I did get a belly which looks good on me



I eat junk food 3-4 times a week and sweets everyday but not a lot.



My belly sticks out quite a lot but if i dont try to touch my toes i dont have an overhang


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