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How fat am I?

I’ve always been a really skinny girl, but I’ve recently gained some weight and I was wondering if I should just gain more weight or if I should try to lose it. This quiz will tell me what you think of my body/belly and if I should try to lose weight, gain weight, or stay the same. I won’t be offended, so please be honest!


I am 19 years old, 5 foot 4, and 125 pounds.



This is my belly standing up.



This is me pinching my belly standing up.



This my belly sitting down from my POV. My back is straight (and I’m sucking in a bit ^^).



This is me pinching my belly fat from the same position as the question above.



Here, I’m sitting down with my belly completely relaxed (my POV).



This is me squeezing my belly fat in the same posture as the previous question. I can pinch about 1-2 inches of flub.



This is my pinching some fat on my love handles (I have small ones) while lying down on my side from my POV.



This is me sitting down with a flat back in tight jeans (I swear they used to be kinda loose before I gained weight). My belly slightly creases over my waistband (I’m sucking in a little here too…)



Same posture as the previous question, just a different angle. The fat on my backside is starting to squeeze out a tiny bit also.



This is me in the same pair of jeans leaning forward a little bit. My belly folds over a bit more than before.



When I run, my butt and thighs jiggle a little bit and my belly slightly wobbles.



When I stand and bend over, my belly creases over my waistband and I have a couple small fat rolls.



When standing and looking at my belly from the side, I have a flat belly but my lower belly slightly sticks out (I have a little pooch).



My body fat percentage is 22 percent.


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