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The Tickle Museum

So I need to have like 25 characters here so this is all placeholder text I guess.


It’s been a few minutes, and you’re deep in the museum, and you didn’t notice that you’re the last person inside, and the place is closing down.



An employee comes to help you



The employee grabs you and KnOcKs YoU oUt!



You wake up strapped to a table, and a sign in front of you says training.



Another employee comes in with a feather boa and starts flossing your armpits with it.



You fall asleep again and wake up in front of a crowd in a bikini.



Some employees come out. One has two electric toothbrushes, another has long nails, two have feathers, and one has a boa.



They begin to tickle you.



They call up another person onstage, and they tickle you with A SPONGE soaked in baby oil.



You laugh so hard you fall asleep and wake up in a box with your feet sticking out


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