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How well do you know William Afton?

Yo. It's me. Yo girl Funtime Wolfie. I don't care that Wolfie doesn't exist. FNAF NEEDS MORE WOLVES. If you couldn't recognize by the title, the name of the person is William Afton. He is NOT a CP character. He is a FNAF character(AKA the main antagonist of the franchise). William Afton is also Purple Guy and(as MatPat theroized)lil' old Glitchtrap or Malhare. So yeah. Enjoy! Plus my 11th b-day is the Saturday as of me making this.


Okay so first question, I already answered it in the long desc. Is William Afton a Creepypasta character? If you read the long desc you will know the answer.



Okay, now...~drags PG in the room~Interview time!



William,take it away! PG: Okay then...so first question. How many children do I have?



PG: How old am I?



PG: Who does my son, Michael, possess?



PG: Who does my wife possess?



PG: Who does my daughter, Elizabeth, possess?



PG: What's my oldest son's name?



PG: What is my wife's name



PG: Last question. Miketrap or Willtrap?



Okay back to me xD. I hope you enjoyed this. Please check out my other three FNAF random quizzes, Which FNAF character would like you?, How addicted to FNAF are you? and my Creepypasta/FNAF Crossover. Bye!


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