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Can you hold it again? (messy)

The first round was overall positive, so let's see some more scenarios. This one may be a bit more difficult. (This is a gross topic, so if you don't want to experience it you should probably leave) Anyways, let's see how you fair. What's your messing chance?


Firstly, gender



How often do your mess yourself?



If you have, how bad is it on average?



Do you mess yourself on purpose?



On to the scenarios:
Say you're in school (or are back in school), and it the last class of the day. You sit in the back of class next to the door. You've been holding it all day, and when you ask to be excused, you're told to hold it due to there only being 20 minutes left. But you might not have that long. So you



Say you are on vacation with two or three friends. You share a hotel room on the top floor of a beach side hotel. The doors use those plastic slide-in keys that seem to never work when you really need them. As you all hang out on the beach, you decide you've held it long enough and head back inside with one of the keys to use the toilet in your room. But the key doesn't seem to want to work. You're close to giving up, but you decide to...



You have the whole weekend off. Alone in the backyard, you're reclined in an outdoor chair with music and a drink. Your desired pet is sleeping peacefully on your belly. But the moment is somewhat ruined by your urge to poo striking suddenly. So you



Your S/O (or desired s/o) is spending the night at your place. You only have one bathroom, and pause what you're doing for a bathroom break. You both stop in the doorway, and briefly insist you both need it more than the other.



While on a hike, you and your friend get halfway down the trail when you realize how much you should have gone before starting the hike. You



(Back to school) It's the middle of the gym period. Obviously you have to go pretty darn bad, and you're in the middle of a Football/soccer game. Playing as goalie, the teams are spread thin, and the game is close. You ask if you can go to the restroom, but are denied. You'd also be letting down your friends if you left the goal wide open. You decide



You're alone at home. Spending a day off in comfy pjs. You've been holding it for hours, entertained by the screen of a game. it's online, and you're doing incredibly well. But it can't be paused, and you could get booted from the game due to inactivity if you just left. So you



Speaking of pjs, you've just woken up on a calming day off. You sleep in for a while but still feel you could use some more zs. But your need for a toilet is prevalent. So you



Lastly, you're offered 100 dollars by your friend. They dare you to take the money and poop in your pants.



That was a long test. What's your current condition btw?


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