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Am I getting too fat?

I am 4'9 and 95lbs. I have noticed that lately I have been gaining some weight, and I am wondering if that is still okay.


Am I too heavy for my age and height?



This is me when I'm standing normally. I am..



When I crouch, my tummy hangs over a little bit. I am..



This is me a few months ago...



And this is me now. Now I am...



When I sit, I have one big fat roll, which hangs a little over my pants. I am..



I am not good at sports, and I can barely do one push-up or 3 sit-ups. I am..



My tummy juggles a little when I walk, and a lot when I run or jump. I am..



My thighs touch when I put my feet together. I am..



I love eating, and I usually snack a bag of crisps, two chocolate bars and half a bottle of soda. My meal sizes are normal because of my mum.


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