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Can you hold it?

You are going to try to hold your poop while enduring several challenges to your bowel strength. Make sure you need to poop before doing this, or there really isn't a point!


Let's start simple. Just close your eyes, envision yourself letting it all out into the toilet, and push for 5 seconds.



Ok. Now sit down on the toilet, and just relax. Don't push, but just stop focusing on your bowels and let your sphincter muscles relax.



Do a squat. Just as you reach the bottom, push for 5 seconds.



Do 10 more squats, pushing for a couple seconds each time at the bottom.



Lie flat on your stomach and push, stopping just as you feel like you might poop.



Still on your stomach, put your hand under you and push on your bowels for 15 seconds.



Now, sit on the toilet so that it would be holding any poop in and push as hard as you can for 15 seconds.



Close the toilet seat, sit on it, and just relax for 30 seconds.



Now stand up and lightly push, just once.



Last challenge! Squat down, and push for 45 seconds. How clean are your pants?


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