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Am I fat?

I just gained some weight recently (unintentionally) and I'm just curious.


When I am hungry, my belly is roundish & bulging,swelling and it sticks out for around 15 cm.

Is that



I have a muffin top and I can't see the top of my trousers cuz it's covered by my belly. (When i am wearing a tight pair of trousers)

Is that



After I climbed up a set of normal stairs (from first floor to second), I get winded and my legs are sore but I can catch up my breath pretty quickly.

Is that considered as



I exercise once a week. I don't exercise at all in the other times. I usually sit for a full day except for getting up to have lunch & dinner.

I would be



I don't like being overweight, but I do enjoy snacking. Usually I would have a couple of loaves of breads, baked beans, ice creams, maybe some chocolate, cookies and some waffles.

Am I



I can grab 4 handfuls of fat from my belly.

Is that



When I try to run/jump, my belly jiggles. However, it will stop after I stop moving.

Is that



I can't do push ups at all. However I can walk for around 1.5 km before having to stop and rest.

Am I



Usually, I eat 1.5 kg of food during the meals. (Snacks do not count)

I know this because I always weigh 1.5 kg heavier after I eat.

You think that I would be



My waist circumference is around 75cm. My height is 163cm. (Likely 164cm now)

Am I



Overall, you believe that I am


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