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How big of a fan are you to DenisDaily?

Hi! Today, you'll be taking a test about DenisDaily to find out how big of a fan you are. Don't bother to take this test if you don't know who Denis is, or if you're not a fan. Also, do Denis a big favor and subscribe!! That is, if you haven't already. He's almost at 2 million subscribers, in less than a whole year!


What is Denis' favorite animal?



Who is Denis' favorite out of the whole "gang"?



How old is Denis?



What is Denis' favorite color?
(SO obvious.)



Does Denis use profanity?
(For those who don't know what profanity is, it's like curse words.)



When was Denis' first video made?
(If you look this up, you aren't a very good fan. He mentioned it in a recent video.)



Who does Denis dislike the most in "The Pals"?
One of these choices aren't even in the group. ((':



What country does Denis live in?



Who did Denis know first?



How many times did Denis say "Aww"?


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Test by: Vivi AKA a fellow fan of Denis [ edit test ]

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