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Riddles Test

In this test, you will answer riddles. Some are classic, some are original.


Bill's mother had 3 children. The first one was Bob and the second one was Robert. Who was the 4th child?



I am given once a year, you are not allowed to talk about my answers, and you get a complex score on me. What am I?



What is 1/1000000000 of infinity?



Lam is a butcher. He got an 87 on his algebra EOC in high school. He is 6 feet. He is in the 50th percentile for weight for his height. What does he weigh?



What are all numbers added from 1-1000?



If Chad flips a coin 128 times, how many times will it land on heads?



What goes up but never goes down?



Rounding to the nearest whole number, what percent of cards in a standard deck of cards are numbers?



Landon's Grandfather asks him to take tools to his ched. Landon hears him say to take the grill. It is likely that-



Matt has a 67 in Biology. He has 2 0's that are test grades and his other test grade is a 100. He has a 100 average for his daily grades. What percent of Matt's grade is based on tests?


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