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Bladder Test

In this test, your bladder strength will be tested. To do this test (and keep your floor from getting wet) you will need the following: a towel (or two), a ball, some old pants (maybe an old shirt too?), 1 (or more) of your old underpants, boxers, panties, knickers, whatever. Also need a locked door if you have parents, and at least an hour of time. Also, come and check back every once in a while, because I will add new questions to this!


What is your gender?



Ok, everyone! How full is your bladder right now?



Ok, so if you answered 1-5 on the last question, go drink 2 water bottles (equivalent to 4 cups) of water. Wait at leaSt one half-hour, and come back. Now how do you feel?



Ok, now comes the easy part of the test. Gently rub your bladder. (If you do not know where your bladder is, look at the chart.) How do you feel?



Ok, now press lightly on your bladder. Now how do you feel?



So you just did the push manuver. So now do the push manuver, without doing anything to stop pee from coming out. How do you feel?



Now go sit on a toilet with your clothes on. How do you feel



What are you doing to hold it in?



Now let a 3-second stream of pee out. How do you feel?



Now put a ball directly on top of your bladder and lay down. How do you feel?



Get a belt, and put it around your waist, then tighten it as tight as possible. Keep it there for a minute. How do you feel?



What are you doing to hold it in?


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