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Do you read too much fanfiction?

Hello! Welcome to this quiz. As an avid reader of fanfiction myself I wanted to put together a quiz based on things you may notice as you read more and more fanfiction. I know that the more I read the more tropes and other such things I find. I hope that you enjoy the quiz! ^_^


Firstly, where do you read the most fanfiction?



Now, of the sites listed above, how many have you used to try and find fanfiction? (Regardless of if you continued to use it)



Can you tell how long a fanfiction will take you to read by looking at the word count?



So, you've spotted a word count of about 40,000. It's main pairing is your otp and it is completed. What is your reaction?



Think of the situation above, but instead it is incomplete. What is your reaction?



What comes to mind when you see the tag, 'Coffee Shop AU'?



Can you easily understand terms used to describe fanfiction? (ex. Fluff, angst, smut, PWP, etc.)



Which of these Soulmate AU's have you seen the least (but still have read)? (I have seen all of these types [and many more that wouldn't fit!] at least once, so they are out there)



What word count are you most likely to read if you have nothing else you have to get done?



Do you know of any tropes you have a sweet spot for?


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