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i can make you pee!

You will pee., this test will make you pee. no matter what, you will pee.


How bad must you pee?



Drink 3 cups of water. how bad now?



lay on your stomach, push on your bladder, spread out your legs, and relax your muscles.



go to your bathroom, drink three cups of water, turn on the sink, sit on the toilet, spread out your legs (fully clothed)



read this very carefully:

i stared at the tv. my bladder was about to explode any second now. then it came on every channel. a sink, running. then a waterfall. I rushed outside to the walmart and went to the line infront of the bathroom. it was so many peaple. then i felt it. sweet releif flooded over me as i peed. it felt so good.



go in your bathroom and turn on the sink. now sit on somthing that spreads your legs apart (like when your on a horse) so you cant feel if you need to pee or not. now relax all muscles. do this fully clothed.



take off all your clothes, turn on the sink, sit on toilet, spread out legs, relax all muscles, and stare at the sink. if you start you arnt aloud to stop



did you like this? (this and the next ones dont affect your score)



do you like me



should i make more quizzes? (this is my first one.)


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