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I can make you pee!

I bet I can make you pee your pants!


How much do you need to pee on a scale of 1 to 5?



Drink a cup of water. How much do you need to pee now?



Push your fist on your bladder. What happened?



Sit on the toilet with your pants on. What happened?



Now, grab your favorite toy(book, clothes, etc.) and hold it between your legs with your pants off. Relax your muscles. What happened



Drink another cup of water. How much do you have to pee now?



Take off your clothes and stand naked in the shower. Spread your legs as far apart as you can. Relax. What happened?



Read this. : We had just come back from lunch. I had to pee but the teacher wouldn't let anybody go to the bathroom so soon after lunch. I crossed my legs, hoping I wouldn't pee myself. As soon as the bell rang, I ran to the nearest bathroom. All of the stalls were taken, and there was a line. As I try running to the next nearest bathroom, the bell rings. I go to class, hoping the teacher would let me go. Of course, they wouldn't. You just had a break! they said. Wait 15 minutes. I knew I couldn't wait that long. I sat down at my desk, my bladder dying. I watched the clock tick by slowly. Finally, it had been 15 minutes. I shot my hand up. The teacher nodded at me and pointed toward the passes. As I got up, I was so relieved the my muscles relaxed. I started peeing. I was so relieved, I didn't feel embarrassed.
How do you feel about this story?



If you were with your boyfriend/girlfriend and you had to pee, what would you do?



Now, if you haven't peed yet, you will now. Pick a place to pee!


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