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need to pee? take this test

so you want to pee, well done, you just came to the test to make you suffer, endure 9 questions of agony, and 1 question of relief, good luck


how much do you need to pee?



drink 2 litres of water, wait an hour, how do you feel



get into the position you normally would get in to pee, over the toilet, stay there for a few minutes, let out a few drops, what happened



find a video, or something that shows someone peeing into a toilet, preferably the same gender as you,and watch it while in your peeing position.



make yourself another litre of water, listen to the tap giving you that water, fast burst, then dripping. now drink



go into the bath/shower, listen to the water running and have a good wash, afterwards have a small glass of water



watch a movie, be sure to stay hydrated, 500MLs should do it



go for a walk, don't pee in the trees/bushes/ground, its bad for the enviroment



do your chores, F.Y.I. peeing isn't one



well done, now pee on the floor, if you really want to pee, it'll be done


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