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Can you survive Minecraft?

Take this quiz and you will classified as a good minecrafter or a noob.
If you think you are already a good minecrafter, take the quiz and see if you're right!
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You just spawned in Minecraft, what is the first thing you would do?



You've gotten some wood, what do you do next?



You got a crafting table and a cave house, what do you do now?



You managed to get some cobblestone and wool, and there is still some wood left, what do you do?



You can't sleep there are too many monsters, what do you do?



You killed all of the monsters and slept, what should you do now?



You got food, diamonds, and butter. What do you do now?



You made diamond pick axe and a butter sword, what's next?



You got some obsidian, what should you do now?



You successfully made a nether portal and entered it, what are you looking for?



You found the fortress, looted it, and killed some blazes. What should you do now?



You found a strange portal but it isn't active. What should you do?



The portal activated and you jumped in. There's a giant dragon!! What should you do?



You defeated the dragon and jumped in the portal. The game has finally ended! Did you enjoy this test?


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